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CopyMaster's Midori no Hibi Tv Review

Midori no Hibi

Rated: 7

Presentation is only average as far as I can see on how the scenes are directed in the series; maybe a little above average. Director Tsuneo Kobayashi has done a good job to make sure that the scenes do not repeat themselves, a relatively time consuming effort. In the series, Seiji and Midori meet up with many interesting characters with unique agendas (Well, most of them). The pacing…… what can I say? They mention it in the starting of every episode as days written in Midori's mini-diary….. Quite a unique concept, I would say. As I have stated earlier before, the series is not your normal or typical romance story, it also discusses the need for human relationships, for example, the dilemma which Midori faces when her mother begins to worry about her.

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CopyMaster's Rurouni Kenshin Tv Review

Rurouni Kenshin

Rated: 7

Presentation is where Rurouni Kenshin shines. Action scenes are highly detailed, every leap, every strike it took into account forms the basis of its epic history in the Japanese animation industry. Every move and style is respectable in the sense that it can be logical to a certain extent, as well as being able to capture the audience's undivided attention. The scenes devoted to talking and speeches by the characters are adequtely placed between each battle scene, not forgetting the funny parts in each section; when Kaoru becones a crazy bull and Kenshin's eyeballs puff up to the size of basketballs. Really funny stuff.Pacing in this series is well placed, we don't have to wait a long while for a scene change in this series.

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CopyMaster's .hack//SIGN Tv Review


Rated: 7

Although the concept was not the most original, the story paves its way for its success in Japan. Because this is Project Hack's first creation (a trio of three, Kouichi Mashimo, Kazunori Ito and Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, all renowned figures in Japan's animation industry), they lack sufficient funds to create amore movements and animations to make this series more engaging, thus they had to employ many, many stills within each episodes themselves, and this is the greatest weakness of the entire series. If you notice, you don't get to see the characters battle, but all you see are scene switches; a great disappointment for action fans.

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